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Choose the payment method in how you would like to pay for your membership sign-up.


Choose the Basic Membership if you want to become a member on file only. By choosing this option, you are opting out of receiving a member account. You will not recieve login credentials.


Choose the Premium Membership if you would like to become a member and receive member login credentials. Login info will be emailed to you by MVSUNAA staff.


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Become a Member

Choose your membership, create your own username and password. You will be able to access and update your account info at any time.

Create your MVSUNAA Account

Level Price  
Regular ($100) (Renews Annually) $100.00 per Year. Select
Associate ($100) (Renews Annually | Non Graduate, Friend of the The Valley) $100.00 per Year. Select
Sustaining Life ($100) (Reserved for current Life Members) $100.00 per Year. Select
Regular Life ($1000)* (Installment Payments of $100 per month) $100.00 now and then $100.00 per Month for 9 more Months. Select
Regular Life ($1000)* (One Time Payment) $1,000.00 now. Select

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After choosing your memerbership, you will be asked to set your own username and password for your account. You will be able to access and update your account at any time.