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Level Price  
Regular ($100) (Renews Annually) $100.00 per Year. Select
Associate ($100) (Renews Annually | Non Graduate, Friend of the The Valley) $100.00 per Year. Select
Sustaining Life ($100) (Reserved for current Life Members) $100.00 per Year. Select
Regular Life ($1000)* (Installment Payments of $100 per month) $100.00 now and then $100.00 per Month for 9 more Months. Select
Regular Life ($1000)* (Installment Payments of $500 per month for 2 months) $500.00 now and then $500.00 after 1 Month. Select
Complimentary Alumni Launch Membership The Alumni Launch Membership is Free for the first year for current graduates of MVSU and then $100 per Year afterwards. Select
Test Subscription $0.50 now and then $0.50 after 1 Day. Select
Existing Life Members (No Payment Required) This level is ONLY for Existing Life Members that have paid prior to MVSUNAA Online signups. Select
Test Membership Free. Select